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About The Firm

Baker Hartley P.C. is a law firm that provides counsel to individuals and privately held businesses. Many of our clients are entrepreneurs looking for high caliber professionals with creative and individualized personal service. We help our clients take advantage of opportunities, avoid problems and favorably resolve problems that cannot be avoided.

We bring together the highest level of technical skills, practical experience, creativity, professionalism and personalized services. While the issues and strategies are often complex, we make it a hallmark of our practice to explain things in a way that each client can understand.

Beyond technical legal matters, we pride ourselves on being a “trusted advisor” and “counselor” to our clients. We realize that many of the important business and personal decisions and issues that bring our clients to us do not exist in a legal vacuum. We explore how the pieces that we are engaged to assist with fit into the big picture.

Our primary areas of practice are: Business, Estate Planning and Administration, Taxation and Real Estate. We represent individuals, C Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Company’s (LLC), Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Trusts and Estates. For many of our clients, legal, business, tax, estate planning and real estate matters are intertwined. Baker Hartley P.C. can integrate the planning for both their personal and business matters.  We call this “Three Dimensional Matrix Planning” that integrates these multiple areas together.

Baker Hartley, P.C. was founded in 1994 by Keith B. Baker, after a successful stint in the Tax Division of Arthur Andersen & Co. where his clients included closely held businesses such as Bass Pro Shops, Tracker Marine, Johnson Products, Rubloff, Draper and Kramer, and Hyatt Hotels. Keith left Arthur Andersen & Co. to serve as the private in-house tax counsel to the Pritzker family, holding the title of Senior Vice President before founding his own firm that is now Baker Hartley, P.C. Sadly, Keith passed away in April of 2020, but the firm carries on in his honor with his same dedication to professional service and the community that Keith always embodied.

Whether you are just starting a business, are an experienced entrepreneur, or would just like to make sure your loved ones are protected in the event of a death, we would be pleased to have a conversation to see whether we are a good fit for each other.